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The Three Most Important Factors to Consider Before Installing a New Garage Door. ​

Installing a new garage door can be one of the larger investments you make in your home. Make sure you pick a contractor you can trust to look after your property.

Let’s be honest. The building industry has a bad reputation. Expressions like “cowboys” and “dodgy” are more often used to describe the workers than “honest” and “reliable”.

We’ve been in the industry for well over a decade now, and we’ve probably seen and heard it all. And we’ve made good business cleaning up other companie’s mess.

However, for us, that means too many people are wasting their money by getting a “great” deal that’s usually just thrown together in the back of someone’s van.

Your home isn’t our workspace, it’s your home.
We treat it with the respect it deserves.

If you’re going to spend money on upgrading your home, there are three crucial things to take into account:

1: Is the company you’re contracting truly local? 

By choosing a local company, you’re not only supporting local business, but a contractor you’ll bump into at the pub or supermarket is more likely to treat you like a neighbour.

This might seem like a silly point, but we’ve seen too many “pop up” contractors who do bad work in an area, go “bankrupt” and then do the same somewhere else. Quick cash, poor work, and a local area left to pick up the pieces.

2: Does the company have full COVID19 compliance? 

The last thing you want in your house is a superspreader, and installers are more famous for their dirty boots than their clean hands. Doing work in someone’s house should be done with the same care as if it was one’s own. Boots off at the door, sanitised hands, and fully compliant with what the law recommends.

3: Does the company supply you with full security and quality documentation? 

Easy-Roll Residential Roller Shutter Garage Door Grey Taunton

Having CE stamps and official papers might seem like a lot of red tape for a roller door.  However, for many homeowners, knowing that they just invested in something that has been fully tested, has a safety system  to protect kids and pets, and comes with a guarantee is worth it.

Apart from the safety hazard of a poor quality door, it will most likely need replacing sooner rather than later. If you follow point 1 you’ll be able to get hold of the contractor for help at least.

The reason we’re highlighting this is because we’re tired of being lumped together with the  firms who do poor jobs.

And as you probably guessed, here at Easy-Roll we pass all these three tests.

12 months



Garages converted to flats
in the UK


Frequency of burglaries


Automated roller garage doors for the home supplied and fitted to your specification.

Modern design
Made to measure
Aluminium insulated
Remote controlled
Steel with Plastisol coating
Steel with Plastisol coating
Excellent Security
Manual override facility
Anti-drop safety brake
Bottom rail safety edge
Canopy & fascia sections
Canopy & fascia sections

Our promise to you:

  • 12 months service guarantee, no questions asked.
  • We treat your home at least as well as you do.
  • We never sell you more than you need.

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Remember, not all contractors are dodgy.

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