Roller Shutter Doors: An In-Depth Overview And Buyer’s Guide

Released On 1st Nov 2021

Roller Shutter Doors: An In-Depth Overview And Buyer’s Guide

Did you know that in the UK, a garage can raise the value of a residential property by up to 5%? That means adding a garage to an average home can give at an additional worth of £11,000!

Even if you’re not looking to sell, a detached garage (or structure) can extend your living quarters. In fact, some of the 39,000 granny flats in England and Wales are garage conversions.

Regardless of how you plan to use a garage or an annexe, you’d need to fit it with a secure door. Roller shutter doors can give you exactly what you need.

Ready to learn more about these roll up doors, and the features that make them an ideal choice? Then let’s dive right into it!

What Are Roller Shutter Doors?

Roller shutter or roll up shutter doors are doors made of multiple, metal slats. When raised, these slats roll around each other, forming a loop at the top of the door, much like roll up window blinds. That makes them incredible space-savers, unlike regular doors that need a lot of space.

Also, modern roll up door models come with remote control operation. The controller operates the door’s motor, which, in turn, raises the door with ease.

To further ensure ease and safety of operation, both sides of the door have a guide rail. These rails secure the door in place as you retract or lower them.

All these features make shutter doors ideal for commercial and agricultural buildings too.

Why Choose Roll Up Doors Over Your Traditional Options?

One of the biggest drawbacks to swinging doors is the amount of space needed to open them. This is especially problematic if you need to enclose extra-wide or tall openings. The larger area they need to cover, the greater the clearance section they will require.

Roller shutter doors don’t need that much space when opened since they curl up overhead. Even if the door itself is 2,500 mm tall, it would only require about 300mm of headroom. That’s not even a foot long!

In addition to taking up very little space, roll up doors are also more convenient and secure.

One-Tap Convenience

All it would take is a single press of a button to retract your roll up door. Another tap will take it down and fully close it. What’s more, modern roller shutter doors come with an automatic self-locking feature.

Built to Secure

Speaking of locks, did you know that in the UK, one burglary case occurs every 40 seconds? That’s 90 burglaries every hour!

The thing is, many of these criminals can quickly pop open traditional door locks. Some are also strong enough to kick standard doors down.

Roll up doors can help make it more difficult for burglars to gain unauthorised access to your home. For one, because they consist of interlocking steel slats. This method of construction renders it challenging to kick the door in.

Also, these doors will only open via the remote control or internal override system. So, if someone doesn’t have either, then it would be hard for them to get the door to retract.

Essential Features To Look For In Your Roll Up Shutter Doors

The benefits mentioned above are the least that your shutter doors should provide. However, when it comes to other crucial components, not all door systems will meet your needs. So, as you shop for rolling shutter doors, be sure that they boast the following features.


Before the invention of “rolling codes”, remote controls used a static frequency. Although these were unique per device, each code remained the same throughout. Unfortunately, devices called “code grabbers” could pick up their exact signals.

This is one of the ways that thieves could gain entry via older remote-operated doors.

Today’s innovative remote controls for motorised doors come with rolling code technology. It’s a type of encryption feature that modifies the frequency sent by the controller. The receiver, which is in the door motor, picks up that code from the control and then changes or “rolls” it.

So, every time that you press a button on your door’s remote, the code changes. There’s always a unique code sent and received by your door system. This, in turn, can make your entry/exit safer and more secure than older shutter or swinging doors.


Do your energy bills keep making your eyes water? If so, you’re not alone; at least 15 million UK households share the same woes.

Ensuring that your home has adequate insulation is one way to trim your energy reliance. This is even more crucial for surfaces that have direct exposure to or contact with the outdoors.

The great news is, you can have your roller shutter doors equipped with insulation. With these insulated doors, you can keep the cold and the heat out of your home or place of business.

Safety & Emergency Features

Roll up shutter doors are heavy, so they must have an anti-drop safety feature. They should also have a sensor that lets them detect anything that obstructs the door’s path. If they do sense an obstruction, then they should automatically retract or reverse.


Only shutter door manufacturers who are confident with their products offer guarantees. This means that they’re ready to back up the high level of quality behind their doors.

So, as you shop around for a door installation service, be sure that they provide a guarantee of at least 12 months.

Safety, Security, and Quality Rolled Into One

There you have it, your ultimate guide on roller shutter doors and their benefits. Now that you know more about the difference they can make, it’s time to start planning your door upgrade.

We here at Easy-Roll can help. Get in touch with our roll up door experts now so we can assist you in choosing the right system for your needs. We provide our services to home, commercial, and agricultural building owners.

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