Roller-Shutter Doors for Industrial & Agricultural Buildings

Protect farm goods, commercial products and equipment with durable, secure, custom-built steel rolling doors, fitted throughout Somerset and the South-West of England.

We supply high quality, made-to-measure roller-shutter doors for industrial and agricultural buildings, professionally installed in line with all necessary regulation.  

Whatever the size, your doors will be specific to your requirements, with security and ease-of-use at the forefront of our minds. Choose from single-skin or insulated doors, electric or manual, in a wide range of colour options and additional extras. 

Easy-Roll's customer service is second-to-none; our support continues post-installation with a full suite of roller shutter servicing and repairs to keep your door in top condition for many years to come. 

Why use Easy-Roll?

  • Free quotes and free local site surveys (within a 10-mile radius)
  • One-year labour warranty after fitting
  • One-year parts warranty
  • Fast, four-week turnaround from order to fitting
  • 24/7 callout for emergency repairs
  • Trusted, in-house engineers - no sub-contractors

Please contact us to discuss your options or to arrange a quote.

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Motor types

Our automated roller shutter doors are powered by a range of different motors depending on the size and weight of the door curtain:

Tubular motors: Supplied by DRS UK, our tubular motors are designed to fit seamlessly inside the barrel to which our roller door curtains are fixed. These are used when the weight of the curtain is comparatively low. These are supplied with a crank handle manual override facility. (Photo)

Chain drive fire motors: Supplied by Link Controls, the NGB Fire Door Operator uses a heavy-duty chain connected between motor and barrel cog to lift the curtain. These motors can be manually overridden using a hand chain. (Photo)

Direct drive motors: The GFA SafeDrive motor is used for larger doors as they are capable of lifting greater weights, they are also used where faster operation is required. These are supplied with a TS959 control panel (Photo) and motors are also manually overridden using hand chains.

Lath types

Single skin curved: Our traditional 75mm curved steel laths come galvanised as standard, but can be powder coated to a colour of your choice upon request (varying additional charge depending on door size). (Photo) These can be supplied with 65mm-100mm guides depending on door size. Windlock laths and guides (Link to info below) are also available if the door is being installed in an exposed area.

Twin skin foam filled: Our twin skin insulated 95mm x 18mm laths come either in a galvanised finish or plastisol coated in a colour of your choice. (Photo) These are supplied with 90mm brush guides for maximum draught exclusion and minimal rattle.

Safety brakes

All of our roller shutter doors come with safety brakes of varying sizes as standard unless they are integrated into the motor. These are designed to stop the barrel rotating and the door falling in the result of motor failure or chain breakage. (Photo)

Rocker switch or push button

These are fitted internally and simply require the user to press up or down in order to operate the door.

Key switch

These are fitted externally and require the user to enter a key and turn to the up or down direction on the switch, these are used where there is no other access to the building and external operation is required.

Remote control system

Supplied by DRS UK, our remote systems come with 2 key fobs as standard and can also be operated using an internally fitted control panel.

Manual chain operation

If your building doesn’t have a power supply, chain operated doors can be installed. These contain a spring-loaded barrel specifically tensioned for ease of operation. A lockable chain keep is also included.

Additional extras

Windlock laths and guides

Our windlock laths and guides are used where the door is installed in an area with high wind exposure, these prevent the doors coming out of their guides in extreme wind conditions.

Wicket gates

A wicket gate can be installed if there is no personnel access into your building, these come with Yale locks and keys for security. (Photo)


A box canopy is fitted if the door is installed externally and the motor and curtain is exposed to the elements. These can also be fitted internally if additional protection is required. A front fascia can also be fitted where there is little headroom above the opening and the roll needs covering.

Battery backup system

Battery backups can be installed to ensure the door can still be operated in the result of a power cut.

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