Up & Over Garage Doors

Improve your home's appearance and security with a fully fitted up-and-over garage door.  

Up-and-over doors are a secure and reliable option for your garage, with a wide choice of sizes, materials, designs and colours to suit your preferences and needs. 

With Easy-Roll's professional installation, available throughout Somerset and the South West, an up-and-over garage door will last for many years. And with our maintenance and repair services just a call away, you'll always have peace of mind. 

Our doors are available in an extensive range of sizes that includes singles, doubles, and made-to-measure. You can choose from two types of lifting gear to operate your garage door: canopy or retractable. Three different materials are on offer to suit your garage's individual requirements: steel, timber or grp (glass reinforced polyester). Each material comes in a variety of designs and colours to suit.

Canopy lifting gear

An up-and-over garage door with canopy lifting gear requires less space for opening, as there are no tracks running back into the garage. It is available in single door sizes up to 2,439mm wide. When open, around one-third of the door protrudes from the garage forming a small canopy over the garage, hence the name.

Retractable lifting gear

An up-and-over garage door with retractable lifting gear opens along horizontal tracks that run back into the garage. It is available in single or double door sizes up to 5 metres wide. When the garage door is in the open position, the bottom of the door panel sits flush with the opening.

Why use Easy-Roll?

  • Free quotes and free local site surveys (within a 10-mile radius) 
  • One-year labour warranty after fitting
  • 5-year parts warranty
  • Fast, four-week turnaround from order to fitting
  • 24/7 callout for emergency repairs
  • Trusted, in-house engineers - no subcontractors

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The anti-drop device stops the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure. Retractable up & over doors feature a small indent in the guide rail at the back of the door, which provides a secure parking position. This prevents the door from rolling forward and closing in an uncontrolled manner.


All of our up and over doors are key-lockable. Canopy doors utilise a two-point tubular latch system of locking at the top of the door to prevent unauthorised entry. The robust door latch system makes it easy to close but very difficult to force the door open. Retractable doors have a simple two-point locking system situated at the bottom corners of the door. The unique rotary latch locks are robust, long-lasting and securely engaged by the locking rods when the door is closed. If an automated door operator is installed, they have an automatic safety reversal feature, which uses force limitation, to recognise when there is an obstruction in the path of the door, in which case the door will stop and reverse.

Strength & Stability

All of our up & over garage doors are constructed around a galvanised steel box-section chassis, providing a boundary structure around which to build the door. The steel, grp or timber material is then infilled to create the door design.

Manual Operation

If you prefer to operate your door manually, our up and over doors come with a choice of handle options and are easy to open and close thanks to the spring-loaded lifting gear.


Our electric operators enable you to open and close your door with the touch of  a button. Whether driving home in your car or standing outside your garage, you can simply press a button and the door will open.

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