Repair and Service in Newton Abbot

Netwon Abbot

Repair and Service in Newton Abbot

Our client on this job was Decco, a supplier of home, garden, industrial and construction supplies.

We were asked to provide a roller-door service to three of their 6m wide x 8m high doors on their warehouse. Two of these were newer doors and didn’t need any additional work. However, when servicing the older door (which had never been serviced), our engineers found the curtain to have multiple damaged slats, which had tears in the metal, as well as many broken end-caps. Some of the slats even had holes pierced in them where the original fitters hadn’t trimmed down the barrel fixing bolts which had punctured through. This, of course, was unsafe and it was just a matter of time before the slats moved over so far that they would start catching and causing serious damage/danger to the employees working in the warehouse.

Therefore, we returned to Decco to undertake this repair. We removed the guides, took the entire curtain off, replaced the damaged slats and end-locks with new ones, and realigned the entire curtain in sections before fixing the guides back into place.

We have also set this client up for an annual servicing contract to avoid bigger repairs like this happening in the future. All damages pictured below.


Location Netwon Abbot
Sector Industrial
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