High-Speed Doors FAQs

Released On 23rd Apr 2024

High-Speed Doors FAQs

Easy-Roll responds to your frequently asked questions regarding the use, installation and maintenance of high-speed doors.

What are high-speed doors?

High-speed doors, sometimes also called rapid-roll or fast-action doors, are specialised doors used in commercial and industrial settings. They are designed for rapid opening and closing, which helps to maintain controlled environments, improve energy efficiency, and allow for frequent and rapid access.

High-speed doors can be installed internally or externally and are generally operated by a motorised system.

Warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing sites, chemical or pharmaceutical facilities are all typical examples of where high-speed doors might be used.

What types of high-speed doors are available?

There are several types, including roll-up doors, folding doors, and sliding doors, made from materials like PVC, metal, and rubber. Each type serves different industries and applications, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and logistics.

Easy-Roll supplies and installs Rapidor high-speed doors, which consist of durable PVC panels reinforced with galvanised frames or bars. Rapidor roller-shutters are manufactured in the UK, so lead times are short, and parts are easily available.

What are the main benefits of installing high-speed doors?

Important benefits include: 

  • Improved energy efficiency – save on heating and cooling costs
  • Enhanced productivity through faster movement of goods and personnel
  • Increased security
  • Better environmental control against dust, humidity, and temperature fluctuations
  • Help comply with regulatory compliance through a controlled environment
  • Swift emergency response to close off areas following a hazardous incident (e.g. chemical spill, fire, etc.)
  • Noise reduction – insulated high-speed doors create a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

How do high-speed doors improve energy efficiency?

Energy efficient ratingsBy minimising the time that the door is open, they significantly reduce heat loss or gain, leading to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Some high-speed doors, such as the Rapidor 95i which Easy-Roll supplies, are designed with extra insulating properties for environments where temperature control and energy efficiency is crucial (cold storage facilities and food processing plants, for example). 

What safety features do high-speed doors have?

What prevents a door with automatic or “impulse” closure from injuring someone or damaging property? High-speed doors generally all have a safety edge, i.e. emergency safety sensors, so the door will stop and reopen if it detects an obstruction when closing. 

A secondary safety measure can take the form of photocells or light curtains, which identify an obstruction under the door by a breaking light beam. 

What maintenance needs do high-speed doors have?

High-speed doors generally open and close many more times during a work day than a normal roller-shutter, so regular maintenance is vitally important. This will include cleaning, lubrication, and checks for wear and tear. 

In terms of your legal obligations, The British Standards Institute’s document BS EN 12453:2017 outlines safety and performance requirements for high speed doors to ensure the safety of a business’s employees and the public.

Regular professional services are strongly recommended to ensure you comply with all legal requirements for your doors. This is something that Easy-Roll can arrange for you (see our Services & Repairs page). Our servicing team can ensure the door is correctly calibrated, install any software updates, and carry out necessary repairs.

How fast do high-speed doors operate?

The opening and closing speeds of high-speed doors can vary, typically from 1 metre per second to up to 3 metres per second, depending on the door's design and application.

Can high-speed doors be customised?

Colour swatchesYes, they can be customised in terms of size, material, colour, and even the speed of operation to meet specific industry requirements, or your business’s aesthetic preferences. 

Rapidor Rapid Roll Shutters, installed by Easy-Roll, supplies PVC curtains in 5 colour options, with galvanised frames and hood that can be powder-coated in any standard RAL colour of your choice.

A vision panel allows a clear view through the PVC curtain, and although full-width is the default option, this can be placed in a variety of layouts to suit your needs.

What are the main considerations for installing high-speed doors?

Easy-Roll will supply all the information you need to get the best high-speed door solution for your needs, but important considerations include:

  • The door's location
  • The type of business operation
  • Environmental control needs
  • Traffic flow
  • Budget.

How much do high-speed doors cost?

Costs can vary widely based on size, material, and technology.

Please get in touch for an informal chat so we can assess your needs and prepare a no-obligation quote.

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